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What we do

Multiwal is an international company with its head office in The Netherlands, and production facilities in The Netherlands and Germany; subsidiaries are located in France and the UK. Multiwal ensures efficient work is possible in every room, where flexibility and quality finish go hand in hand.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Multiwal moveable walls, glass walls or folding walls, every requirement can be met, with a wide choice of colours and finishes, user comfort with the Multi Electric system and guaranteed acoustic performance all playing an important factor.

Our philosophy

Ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, where our high standards and quality products meet all of the demands of the market. We are constantly developing new products, improved production processes and automation to distinguish ourselves from the competition and ensure we are focused on high standards of service and quality.

Multiwal designs, manufactures and installs moveable partitions that create space worldwide.

Progressive organisations need to have premises that are multifunctional, with spaces that are simple to adapt without having to carry out major construction work. This can be easily achieved, without major disruption. With Multiwal moveable walls, every space, whether large or small, can be arranged and rearranged in a matter of minutes. Multiwal makes it possible to work efficiently, no matter what your space requirement may be.

The Multiwal moveable walls are installed in the most diverse locations for example hotels, restaurants, banks, schools, government buildings and conference centres by customers like government bodies, architects, project developers and building contractors.