Moveable partitions


Multiwal is an internationally operating company focusing on moveable walls, with its main office in The Netherlands, production in The Netherlands and Germany and subsidiaries in France and the UK.

Multiwal designs, manufactures and installs moveable partitions that create space worldwide. Whether creating space in multi-functional centres, banks, schools, hotels, restaurants or offices, Multiwal sliding partitions are extremely versatile. They offer creative freedom in every possible design. Because Multiwal provides customised solutions, it is always better if our advisers become involved in your project as early as possible in the planning phase. In that way, we can jointly arrive at intelligent solutions for the most flexible arrangement of your space.

Multiwal products make it possible to work efficiently in every space in which flexibility and stylishness are combined. Whether it involves great heights, different levels in ceilings and floors or unusually shaped spaces, the great flexibility of Multiwal moveable walls makes it possible to satisfy almost every need.

Colours, sound insulation and customer-friendliness with the Multi Electric system are important factors.