Moveable partitions

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Project The Factory Manchesteren

Project The Factory Manchester


When most people think of a flexible wall, they think of a wall in a hotel or conference room. But a wall no less than 21 meters high? Can that be realised? Multiwal can.

The renowned architectural firm OMA Architecten, known for many award-winning projects, designed a beautiful multidisciplinary cultural centre for the city of Manchester where music and theatre come together. A flexible, soundproof partition wall had to be placed in it. Due to the extreme dimensions of 21 meters high, the requirements for construction, wind loads, sound absorption, and noise were of the highest level.

Multiwal has previously worked for the Manchester United Stadium and hotel, so we are no stranger to Manchester City Council. We were of course honoured to participate in this prestigious new project.

The walls serve to separate two halls and have an important function as absorption fields for the large music hall. The installed absorption panels provide good acoustics when the walls are in the room and when the walls are positioned along the side walls in the parking switches. The requirements for sound insulation are very high, with a surface area of ​​two times 600 m2 and fitted with double doors, a practical value of 55 dB must be achieved. After the design was developed, Multiwal had noise tests carried out at ITA Wiesbaden to ensure that we would meet these insulation requirements. In addition, Multiwal simulated the wind load for this wall to arrive at a stable construction with the correct calculations.

To be able to move the 4,000 kg elements, a rail construction with suitable rollers was designed, so that the elements can be parked with special parking techniques and switches. The combination of the stable construction and the application of the Multi Electric system ensures optimum quality and user-friendliness.

Áltak Reykjaviken

Áltak Reykjavik

felliveggur wall

Type: Multiwal select 100 K
Sold by: Áltak Reykjavík
Location: E7 studios, Reykjavík
Design: PR Verk ehf and Efla ehf
Installation by: Sigvaldi Sf and PR Verk ehf

Multiwal Select 100 K Altak Reykjavik Felliveggur 1
Multiwal Select 100 K Altak Reykjavik Felliveggur 2
Multiwal Select 100 K Altak Reykjavik Felliveggur 3
Multiwal Select 100 K Altak Reykjavik Felliveggur 4
Multiwal Select 100 K Altak Reykjavik Felliveggur 5
Multiwal Select 100 K Altak Reykjavik Felliveggur 6
Multiwal Select 100 K Altak Reykjavik Felliveggur 7

Bosch Stuttgarten

Bosch Stuttgart


The largest training department of Bosch is located in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. More than 600 interns and students from the Cooperative State University in the commercial, technical and IT sector are cared for by about 40 employees and prepared for the challenges of the future. Bosch attaches great importance to the latest technology. On the site, right next to the training department, is the IT campus, which offers many opportunities for the IT sector. A company that fits perfectly with Multiwal.

Multiwal made special Commandoor glass walls for this prestigious Campus that fit perfectly into the futuristic environment. The walls are easily operated with the Multi Electric system. When the walls are fully opened, a beautiful large space is created. The walls are pushed into the parking position in the side wall of the room, making them invisible. The walls can be pushed back into a fully-fledged, insulated and fire-resistant glass wall in no time. This is designed so that the wall naturally fits into the room, this is Multiwal’s design.

Once closed, a business like and fully isolated space is created in which discussions and decisions with the various innovation teams take place in a peaceful environment.

~Alexander Schmitt AX186021
~Alexander Schmitt AX186024
~Alexander Schmitt AX186026
~Alexander Schmitt AX186030
~Alexander Schmitt AX186031
~Alexander Schmitt AX186032
~Alexander Schmitt AX186034
~Alexander Schmitt AX186035
~Alexander Schmitt AX186038
~Alexander Schmitt AX186040
~Alexander Schmitt AX186041
~Alexander Schmitt AX186042
~Alexander Schmitt AX186045
~Alexander Schmitt AX186048
~Alexander Schmitt AX186050
~Alexander Schmitt AX186053
~Alexander Schmitt AX186056
~Alexander Schmitt AX186055
~Alexander Schmitt AX186057
~Alexander Schmitt AX185773 1

Manchester United Stadiumen

Manchester United Stadium

Manchester united Multiwal panel wall multi design

For many football fans, the heart beats faster when they hear the name Manchester United. One of the most famous clubs from the Premier League of the United Kingdom. Old Trafford is the Premier League stadium.

We are also charmed by this club. That is why we were very proud of the assignment to deliver beautiful, striking panel walls at the Manchester United Stadium hotel. Multiwal delivered six beautiful mobile panel walls of the Select 100 K type with ease of use Multi Electric at the prestigious hotel of Manchester United in England. In the congress and meeting section, a soothing gray tone has been chosen, in the supporters home beautiful football prints have been applied with many references to the history of the club. Premier League worthy.

Man Utd 1
Man Utd 2
Man Utd 4
Man Utd 5

Project Rotterdam Ahoyen

Project Rotterdam Ahoy

Project Ahoy Rotterdam Multiwal


Rotterdam Ahoy Multiwal
Rotterdam Ahoy Multiwal Eurovision Songfestival
Rotterdam Ahoy Multiwal Hal
Rotterdam Ahoy Multiwal Paneelwand
Rotterdam Ahoy Multiwal Paneelwand Dicht
Rotterdam Ahoy Multiwal Losse Paneelwand
Rotterdam Ahoy Multiwal Paneelwand Open
Rotterdam Ahoy Multiwal Plaatsing
Rotterdam Ahoy Multiwal Afgesloten Ruimte
Rotterdam Ahoy Multiwal Paneelwand Plaatsen
Rotterdam Ahoy Multiwal Paneelwand Vastmaken
Rotterdam Ahoy Multiwal Paneelwand Openen
Ahoy Blog Paneelwand Dicht Klein
Ahoy Blog Paneelwand Open Klein
Ahoy Blog Paneelwand Dicht Klein 02

Multiwal creates the right atmosphere at the Hotel Football, Old Trafford, Manchesteren

Multiwal creates the right atmosphere at the Hotel Football, Old Trafford, Manchester

Football fans all over the world recognise the name Manchester United. One of the most famous clubs in the world. The Hotel Football, adjacent to the famous Old Trafford stadium, is the meeting venue of the Manchester United supporters club and visiting Manchester United fans from across the globe.

Van der Valk Udenen

Van der Valk Uden

Van der Valk Uden Multi design
IMG 1879
IMG 1880
IMG 1881
IMG 1883
IMG 1884

IKC Geluksvogels Maastrichten

IKC Geluksvogels Maastricht

IKC Geluksvogels Maastricht room divider
IMG 6929
IMG 6930
IMG 6931
IMG 6932
IMG 6933

Sports Campus The Hagueen

Sports Campus The Hague

Sports campus the Hague

DSD 7639
DSD 7633
DSD 7628
DSD 7666
DSD 7672
DSD 7677
DSD 7704
DSD 7741
DSD 7735
DSD 7736

Project – Universiteit Kopenhagenen

Project – Universiteit Kopenhagen



Sesam LåseFoldedør Fotograferet På DTUKemitorvet Bygn 220
Sesam LåseFoldedør Fotograferet På DTUKemitorvet Bygn 220
Sesam Låse

Foldedør Fotograferet På DTU
Kemitorvet Bygn 220
Sesam Låse

Foldedør Fotograferet På DTU
Kemitorvet Bygn 220
Sesam Låse

Foldedør Fotograferet På DTU
Kemitorvet Bygn 220
Sesam Låse

Foldedør Fotograferet På DTU
Kemitorvet Bygn 220
Sesam Låse

Foldedør Fotograferet På DTU
Kemitorvet Bygn 220
Sesam Låse

Foldedør Fotograferet På DTU
Kemitorvet Bygn 220
Sesam Låse

Foldedør Fotograferet På DTU
Kemitorvet Bygn 220

School in Spijkenisseen

School in Spijkenisse

school in Spijkenisse panel wall

Airport Groningenen

Airport Groningen

airport_groningen_panel wall
Groningen Airport 1
Groningen Airport 2
Groningen Airport 3

Local crises centre police Nijmegenen

Local crises centre police Nijmegen

Nijmegen 001
Police Nijmegen2
Police Nijmegen3
Police Nijmegen4

Hospital Oosterhouten

Hospital Oosterhout

Hospital Oosterhout1
Hospital Oosterhout2
Hospital Oosterhout1

City hall Burgkirchenen

City hall Burgkirchen

City Hall Burgkirchen1
City Hall Burgkirchen2
City Hall Burgkirchen3
City Hall Burgkirchen4

Government building Maastrichten

Government building Maastricht


Multiwal produced a glass wall type View with laminated glass for the government building in Maastricht.

Gouvernmentsgebouw Maastricht

Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdamen

Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdam

Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdam1
Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdam2
Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdam3
Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdam4
Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdam5

Harrods Londonen

Harrods London

Harrods 2
Harrods 3
Harrods 4

Reformed Church Dieveren

Reformed Church Diever

Reformed_Church_Diever_Sound_Panel wall

Multiwal produced and installed unique moveable walls in a round set-up at the church in Diever. Furthermore, they have acoustical perforated boards in beautiful veneer.

Kerk Diever1
Kerk Diever2
Kerk Diever3
Kerk Diever4
Kerk Diever5

De Bult Steenwijken

De Bult Steenwijk

De Bult Steenwijk 1
De Bult Steenwijk2
De Bult Steenwijk3
De Bult Steenwijk4
De Bult Steenwijk5
De Bult Steenwijk6
De Bult Steenwijk7
De Bult Steenwijk8
De Bult Steenwijk9
De Bult Steenwijk10