Bosch Stuttgarten

Bosch Stuttgart


The largest training department of Bosch is located in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. More than 600 interns and students from the Cooperative State University in the commercial, technical and IT sector are cared for by about 40 employees and prepared for the challenges of the future. Bosch attaches great importance to the latest technology. On the site, right next to the training department, is the IT campus, which offers many opportunities for the IT sector. A company that fits perfectly with Multiwal.

Multiwal made special Commandoor glass walls for this prestigious Campus that fit perfectly into the futuristic environment. The walls are easily operated with the Multi Electric system. When the walls are fully opened, a beautiful large space is created. The walls are pushed into the parking position in the side wall of the room, making them invisible. The walls can be pushed back into a fully-fledged, insulated and fire-resistant glass wall in no time. This is designed so that the wall naturally fits into the room, this is Multiwal’s design.

Once closed, a business like and fully isolated space is created in which discussions and decisions with the various innovation teams take place in a peaceful environment.

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