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Automatically easy – Convenience without surcharge

The high quality materials used by Multiwal ensure that you can unlock and operate our walls very easily and smoothly. But it can be even easier, as Multiwal invented the Multi Electric system and can supply this as standard and without any extra cost across all our Select and Commandoor moveable, folding walls. With the press of a button, opening or closing the walls becomes child’s play. Multi Electric, the top in comfort and convenience. In this video you can see how easy it works.

Fast in the right direction

Multi Electric is a super fast system. In just 3 second the pressure seals at the top and bottom of the panels automatically slide in and out, then you can easily steer the walls in the right direction. By using the Multi Electric system, a lot of time is saved compared to the traditional spindle systems and is especially easy.

Maintenance-free motors

With the utmost care, Multiwal provides a feather-light operation with the Multi Electric system. Multi Electric is supplied with maintenance-free motors. The techniques we use are also used in the automotive industry with brands such as Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

Safe – plug & play

Multi Electric complies with international regulations for safety. All necessary electronics are fully integrated within the wall. You only need to provide a 230v power outlet. The Multi Electric system that comes with your moveable, folding wall is available in a 110V or 230V version. A built-in transformer converts this to 24V for optimum safety. An integrated key contact switch is supplied with your wall. This is removable, which prevents unauthorized use.

Emergency battery in the event of a power failure

Even if the power fails, the walls of Multiwal continue to work. To prevent power failure an emergency backup battery can be installed.

Optimum sound insulation

Due to the high and optimum pressure of our seals, floor locks or floor tracks are not required, as with other systems. This again saves cost. The Multi Electric system guarantees an optimal connection, this guarantees a high level of acoustic performance across all our moveable, folding walls.

Top 5 properties Multi Electric:

  • super fast opening and closing at the touch of a button;
  • maintenance-free motors;
  • optimal user-friendliness;
  • without surcharge;
  • feather-light and silent operation.

Technical information
Power supply For the power supply only an outlet is required, 110V – 230V. Multi Electric The Multi Electric system comes complete with all necessary electronic facilities. Plug and play.

Each element is equipped with motors and an adjustable microprocessor.

he built-in transformer provides conversion from 110V or 230V to 24V for optimum safety.

Specially developed electrical contacts are integrated into the conical aluminum profiles and guarantee optimum operation. The contacts ensure optimum current transfer between the elements. Request information.