Track systems for Moveable Walls

For your comfort and convenience
The sophisticated track systems and noiseless bearing rollers ensure that very little effort is required to move and park the panels. Bearing rollers with high-quality roller technology have been specially developed for the Multiwal moveable walls. These systems can be applied for all models. Multiwal has three standard models with their own roller technology. Besides the three standard models, tracks can be customised for special objects.

  • All tracks are aluminium with precision bearing rollers
  • Standard powder-coating colour is RAL 9010
  • All other colours can be provided upon request


Customised parking
The eight most common standard parking positions are shown below. The Multiwal track constructions allow a variety of possibilities to achieve practically all imaginable parking solutions.


Besides above mentioned standard parking positions, Multiwal naturally offers each possible cumstomized parking position providing the architect with creative freedom.

Multiwal looks beyond delivering tracks and elements. Multiwal can also produce track suspensions that can be positioned between the building structure and suspended ceiling.

Track suspension
Tracks can be installed with or without a sound baffle between the ceiling and the building structure as required. The desired sound insulation is achieved by using soundproofing materials such as a compressed mineral wool slab, Sonorex or plasterboard.

The bracket suspension system ensures a precise track height and comprises:

  • Tubular steel sections 40 x 50 mm
  • Galvanized steel assembly plates
  • Adjustable threaded steel connection rods at the base
  • Soundproofing materials, dependent on the desired sound insulation

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