Moveable partitions

Folding Walls

Multiwal folding walls for a flexible layout

Multiwal is the largest producer of folding walls in Europe and is a renowned and respected supplier into architects and the construction sector. We have customers all over the world. With Multiwal you are assured of top quality folding walls with countless possibilities. The Haro folding wall, also called concertina wall, is the most sold folding wall in the world. You can make every room larger or smaller with ease.

Efficient and cost-saving

Due to the ease of use, our folding walls function almost like a door and are easy and quick to open and close. The folding walls are also supplied in a high-quality sound-insulating version, Harocoustic, available in type A: 21dB and type A1: 29dB. This makes the wall not only beautiful to look at but also creates an oasis of calm. Here, in the closed state, the heat loss in the room with the folding wall is virtually nil. This yields interesting savings.

Quality through own manufacturing

There is virtually no limit to the possibilities if you opt for Multiwal folding walls. We design and manufacture everything ourselves and we value our quality and reputation. Our folding walls are equipped as standard with high-quality tracks, running technology and hinges that ensure a durable smooth and silent operation. Each folding wall is finished as standard with heavy 3100 grams artificial leather upholstery, available in many colors. Insulated or non insulated, dirt-repellent, washable and flame-retardant.

Multiwal developed the Haro 24 and Harocoustic especially for a wide range of applications. Whether it concerns rooms in hotels, residential homes, schools, halls, conference buildings, town halls, exhibition halls, sports complexes or non-residential buildings.


Sustainable production is our top priority. Multiwal is accredited with all of the necessary international independent quality marks, including ISO 9001 and FCS certification. This way you are always assured that raw materials for wood and paper products only come from responsibly managed forests. Multiwal stands for the protection of forests worldwide!

Best price and quality

There are so many designs possible and so there is always a wall to match your wishes and tastes. Multiwal designs and manufactures itself. We are the largest manufacturer of folding partition walls in Europe and deliver all over the world. Why go to someone else if you get the best quality at the best price?

Moveable panel walls and glass walls

In addition to folding walls, Multiwal has many more options available. How about, for example, our beautiful glass walls? Or the versatile moveable panel walls? The panel and glass walls can be produced in a wide range of designs. For example, in your own house style or with a panoramic picture over the entire wall.

What does a Multiwal moveable wall cost?

Control and maintenance

After the professional installation and final inspection, Multiwal wants to remain involved. Periodic inspection by our specialist engineers keeps your walls in optimum condition and in this way we always guarantee the quality.

Wall designer

If you prefer, you can easily put together your walls on our website with our unique wall designer. If you opt for convenience, we will be happy to design the perfect wall for you. You can always call us without obligation. We would be delighted to take you through the extensive range of moveable, folding wall options available from Multiwal.

Top 5 properties folding walls:

  • available in many versions;
  • cost efficient;
  • most sold wall in the world;
  • low maintenance;
  • insulating, dirt-repellent, washable and flame-retardant.