Moveable partitions

Moveable Wall Select

Multiwal moveable panel walls are not only beautiful to look at, they are also solid when locked in position. They are sealed solid between the ceiling tracks and the floor with extendable pressure bars equipped with double flexible rubber seals. This technology guarantees optimum acoustic performance.

A panel wall gets its stiffness and stability through its strong frame construction. The frame construction is made up of a horizontal aluminium cassette with specially developed aluminium vertical tubular profiles. Thanks to the sophisticated track and silent running trolley systems almost no force is required to move and park each panel. You can move a Multiwal wall with one finger!

Different types

90 U
100 K / U
110 K / U
120 K
200 K
Element thickness92 mm102 mm110 mm120 mm200 mm
Element width1260 mm1260 mm1260 mm1260 mm1260 mm
Element height6000 mm12000 mm12000 mm12000 mm25000 mm
Sound insulation (dB)40 to 5141 to 5354 to 575959
Multi ElectricOptionalStandardStandardStandardStandard
Elements overviewElements overviewElements overviewElements overviewElements overview
Technical drawingsTechnical drawingsTechnical drawingsTechnical drawingsTechnical drawings