Moveable partitions

Select 100 K / U

With the experience of the past 60 years and the use of the most advanced CNC-controlled machines, Mutiwal has succeeded in achieving and maintaining its quality at the highest level. The new Select series is equipped with vertical aluminum tubular profiles to guarantee optimal connection between each panel and to ensure the vertical profile simply cannot twist. 

Type K: When the wall is closed no visible aluminium profiles, ca 4 mm gap between the closed panels

Type U: When the wall is closed, approx. 5 mm visible aluminum profiles

Technical features


  • Element thickness 102 mm
  • Maximum element width 1260 mm
  • Maximum element height 12000 mm
    Special dimensions on request

Frame Construction

  • Self-supporting aluminum / steel frame construction

Cover boards

  • High-quality E1-quality chipboard, 16 mm, free-floating

Optional: FSC, MDF, waterproof, fire retardant

Sound insulation laboratory value according to DIN and ISO 10140-2

  • Sound insulation from 41 to 53 dB


  • 40 – 50 kg/m2

Vertical profiles

  • Conical clear anodized aluminum profiles
  • With double inner rubber seal profiles and integrated magnetic strip

Vertical connection between elements

  • Type K: With wall closed, no visible aluminum profiles, joint between boards aprox. 4 mm
  • Type K / A: With wall closed, no visible aluminum profiles, joint between boards aprox. 2 mm
  • Type U: With wall closed, approx 5mm visible aluminum profiles

Horizontal connection against head track and finished floor

  • Black anodized aluminum pressure bars with double rubbers to compensate for uneven floor surface
  • To accommodate structural deviations/deflection up to 40 mm
  • Double pressure bars are available to compensate for structural deviations/deflection up to 80 mm.

Fire rating

  • F30 and F60 minutes, with and without a door

Pass doors

  • Single or double-inset pass door/s
  • Full height hinged door

Operating systems

  • Semi automatic as standard
  • Optional as manual
  • Optional as fully automatic

Sealing pressure
2,0 KN
Semi automatic KN set by means of built-in micro processor

Aluminum / steel, standard in RAL 9010

Maximum panel weight 800 kg

Special elements
For example corner, glass, T elements optional

Environmental conditions
Suitable for indoor use. Maximum realistic humidity of 60%