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The unique moveable walls from Multiwalen

The unique moveable walls from Multiwal


Nobody makes a series of moveable walls as complete as Multiwal

Multiwal develops, manufactures and installs moveable walls. We have been doing this for more than 60 years. We operate internationally and make efficient work possible in every room; where flexibility and a style go hand in hand.

At the end of the 1990s, Multiwal developed its series of moveable walls, these walls worked perfectly and over the years we have been constantly refining our walls to make them even better. The fact that our moveable walls have inspired our competitors to create similar models strengthens our conviction that we are making an optimum product.

In the past we have offered a wide range of special options for our moveable walls. We now incorporate many of these options into our products as standard. Just look at our standard applications, which are much more extensive than the standards elsewhere in the market. Multiwal offers unlimited possibilities in colors, finishes and design.

Our range of moveable walls is growing. Not only figuratively, but also literally. The buildings are getting bigger and higher. Where a height of six meters of flexible wall was exceptional 10 years ago, it is nowadays commonplace. With a new frame construction we can now make individual panels as standard up to 12 meters high. In addition with our latest version the Select 200 K we can supply walls up to 25 meters high! A unique piece of craftsmanship and design, words that are synonymous with the flexible walls from Multiwal.

With the experience of the past 60 years and the use of the most modern CNC-controlled machines, Multiwal has succeeded in bringing and maintaining its quality at the highest level. The designers at Multiwal have recently moved behind the drawing board with motivation and have developed a new series of moveable walls, the ‘Select’ and ‘Commandoor’. With the development of the new Select and Commandoor series, Multiwal has left behind the flat aluminum vertical profile.

Because we now use the latest materials and techniques, Multiwal has developed a new frame construction with vertical tube profiles. This ensures that the frame remains very stiff; twisting or bending your walls is now almost impossible. The new designs guarantee a perfect connection between the panels, delivering the required acoustic performance every time!

The new series naturally also complies with the latest TÜV quality guidelines and has all the necessary sound certification.

With the introduction of our new walls, we have given our website a new “look and feel” we have revised all our documentation and literature, allowing you to enter the wonderful world of high-quality products from Multiwal.

With our new series of moveable walls, Multiwal again takes the lead across the moveable wall market. Multiwal: moved by quality.